Twitter Is Hit With Elon Musk’s Strict Work Policy

Elon Musk said in his first email to Twitter staff that he anticipates their return to the workplace.

Musk said that staff must report working at least 40 hours each week unless he personally allows an exception. After laying off approximately half of the company’s employees last week in conjunction with the acquisition of Twitter, this is the most recent policy change introduced by Elon Musk.

Previously, Twitter had encouraged many workers to work remotely throughout the epidemic, and when offices reopened in March, the policy remained in effect. However, Musk has always been opposed to the practice, and after the epidemic ended, he eliminated it from his other firms.

Musk informed Tesla staff on May 31 that they must “spend a minimum of forty hours in the office each week” or resign. This included staff who had already been working remotely before the pandemic since the corporation was concentrating on establishing foreign hubs.

Consequently, Tesla failed to develop its office spaces and acquire sufficient office equipment in its Nevada and California sites. In the months after the return-to-work decision, the corporation lacked the space and resources necessary to accommodate workers adequately.

Even during the epidemic, Musk criticized staff who worked from home, arguing that the setting was not sufficiently inspiring. 

Musk is hardly the only CEO who places a premium on people physically assembling to execute their responsibilities. One CEO said that it is extremely important for younger workers to learn from their peers and grow. 

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