Twitter account of Uniswap’s founder hacked by con artists promoting fraud

Hayden Adams’s account falsely claimed that its more than 254,000 followers’ tokens were in danger when it tweeted a link to a fraudulent website.

A fraud being promoted by the hijacked account of Uniswap creator Hayden Adams has been immediately recognised and warned others about by the Crypto Twitter community.

Adams’ Twitter account was hacked on July 20, and the “Web3 Security Alerts” channel on Telegram informed subscribers of the incident. Uniswap’s CEO and founder’s Twitter account tricked its more than 254,000 followers into visiting a malicious website by tweeting a false claim that the platform’s Permit2 contract had been “affected by an unknown exploit” and that users’ tokens were in danger.

The first fake tweet barely lasted a few minutes before it was deleted, but numerous more were posted shortly thereafter that were remarkably similar. Many of these were still accessible to Twitter users at the time of publishing.

It’s not new for scammers to exploit social media to trick people out of their crypto or cash, but the companies behind these platforms have made efforts to limit the frequency of such occurrences. The number of tweets a user may see every day was temporarily capped on July 1 after Twitter executive chair Elon Musk announced the move in an attempt to “detect and eliminate bots and other bad actors.”

Scammers marketing phoney nonfungible token ventures and mimicking other Crypto Twitter figures have surfaced despite the platform’s rapid growth to more than 100 million members in a couple of days.

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