Turkish Capital Unveils AI-Powered Tourism Apps to Revamp the Industry

“Visit Istanbul” with an AI guide is redefining tourism in Istanbul. It is the goal of Mayor İmamoğlu to make Istanbul heard more globally.

An innovative tourism program called “Visit Istanbul” has been launched by the Istanbul Municipality in an attempt to boost tourism and make the city’s rich cultural history more accessible to tourists. An online site, an AI-powered travel guide app, and a hub for content makers are all part of this endeavor. At an event held at a hotel in Beşiktaş on December 13, Istanbul Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu highlighted the municipality’s dedication to building a top-notch tourist data center and unveiled these advances.

The main part of this project is the Visit Istanbul website, which aims to make visitors feel more at home in Istanbul. Visit Istanbul is committed to ensuring that all visitors may enjoy the city’s rich culture and abundant resources, and its design reflects this philosophy. While enhancing Istanbul’s international profile, it fosters a sense of community among the city’s residents.

The upcoming artificial intelligence-powered app that will act as a tourist guide is one of the many noteworthy aspects of the Visit Istanbul initiative. Launching in February 2024, this digital guide will be a great help to tourists as they explore the city. Its personalized suggestions and insights will improve the entire visitor experience. Guests visiting Istanbul can now anticipate a stress-free exploration of the city’s famous sites and lively streets thanks to this cutting-edge app.

The Istanbul Creators Club Platform is just as fascinating as the AI tourist guide when it comes to visiting Istanbul. This platform is a meeting place for content producers, providing them with a one-of-a-kind chance to express their own stories about Istanbul. By taking part in this program, content makers may help promote Istanbul’s many fascinating aspects, increasing the city’s appeal to tourists.

On the occasion, Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu shared his goals for Istanbul’s tourist industry and stressed the need for cooperation from all parties involved. He elaborated, “By utilizing this platform, we aim to collectively construct the tourism ecosystem of this historically significant and captivating city with an informed, sustainable, and inclusive mindset. Our objective is to narrate the story of Istanbul in a manner that is both innovative and creative, in conjunction with all the stakeholders in our industry. Our AI app, Visit Istanbul accounts, and the IBB Heritage app are only a few examples of the qualitative works that will reinvigorate Istanbul’s tourism, together with the Bosphorus and Istanbul Card apps.”

İmamoğlu expressed his resolve to boost Istanbul’s reputation internationally and his assurance that the city and its metropolitan municipality would achieve their tourist objectives. The local government’s aim to promote Istanbul as a top tourism destination is in line with this all-encompassing plan.

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