Trezor Unveils New Wallet and Onboarding Assistance for Beginners

The company has introduced the Trezor Safe 5, a new hardware wallet that offers improved security features, in addition to the Trezor Expert.

Trezor, a hardware crypto wallet company, is seeking to satisfy the increasing demand for self-custody solutions that are more user-friendly for individuals who wish to manage their digital assets. In order to achieve this objective, it has implemented an enrollment service and a new wallet that are both optimized for user-friendliness and security.

In contrast, self-custody wallets, which provide users with complete control over their assets, are typically more intricate to operate than custodial wallets provided by exchanges. Nevertheless, Trezor Expert is striving to address this divide by offering personalized online sessions. This provides users with the chance to establish a connection with Trezor specialists, who will provide them with detailed instructions on how to securely configure their wallet. The $99 service guarantees that users commence their self-custody journey in the most favorable manner and offers peace of mind.

Trezor CEO Matej Zak praised the Trezor Expert offering in a statement at the BTC Prague 2024 event. Zak asserted that the organization required more than three years to establish its precise capabilities. However, he took note of the advantages that the new product would provide to customers:

“It provides them with the chance to delve deeper into the security considerations of self-custody by addressing topics such as secure online practices and private key management.”

The company also introduced the Trezor Safe 5, a new hardware wallet that offers enhanced security features, in addition to the Trezor Expert. This encompasses a more advanced EAL 6+-certified secure element processor and a user-friendly design that includes a color touchscreen and haptic feedback. It also features a gorilla-glass surface that safeguards devices from scratches and damage.

The Trezor Safe 5 also introduces a significant improvement to its recovery seed backup procedure. It would necessitate a 20-word Shamir fallback system, which ensures secure retrieval of the private key in the event of loss by providing multiple “shares.” It has made a significant improvement from the conventional single-seed backup process it previously employed to this advanced multi-share backup.

The Trezor Safe 5 is a notable addition to the ever-expanding collection of Trezor wallets, each of which is designed to meet the unique requirements of its user. Trezor provides a variety of hardware wallets that are customized to accommodate the preferences of different users, ranging from the Trezor Model One to the more recent Trezor Model T.

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