Three needlework artists collaborate to create an NFT charity drop to benefit victims of human trafficking

Hope For The Future Provides Assistance And The Chance For A Fresh Beginning To Those Who Have Been Impacted By Human Trafficking Or Sexual Exploitation.

Three needlework artists — Katerina Marchenko of Russia, Aline Brant of Brazil, and Ninni Luhtasaari of Finland — announced Thursday that they would be auctioning off their nonfungible token (NFT) artworks to benefit Hope for the Future (HFTF), an Austrian-based registered charity. The auction proceeds will assist victims of human trafficking in securing entry-level employment after their terrible experiences.

The NFT auction will take place on Orica from Dec. 27–30, with each artwork priced at a minimum of $500. The auction’s objective is to generate $10,000 for the job training programme.

“Even when survivors are offered the opportunity to leave, they are often very traumatised by their experiences, have limited understanding of the local language, and must first gradually assimilate into regular life,” Hope For the Future founder Andrea Staudenherz said.

“Incredibly, these famous needlework artists may now contribute to our charity’s work through Orica on a global scale. These NFTs give us optimism that we will be able to support five days of training each week in 2022. Our present budget allows for just four.”

Marchenko, who has over 400,000 Instagram followers, added: “I’d watched this year’s frenzy around NFTs but needed a motive other than financial gain. When Orica informed me about Hope for the Future’s initiative, it became a greater motivator for me. I’m honoured to be auctioning my artwork to benefit such a worthy charity.”

This year has seen tremendous growth in the convergence between charitable endeavours and NFTs. Orica collaborated with Austrian registered charity Bbanga Project and German digital artist Mellowmann to conduct an NFT drop, with funds benefiting the building of a school in Uganda. In the United States, the Internal Revenue Service allows good Samaritans to deduct their crypto or NFT proceeds gifts from their regular income, allowing them to save significant tax dollars while still contributing to charitable organisations.

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