This Florida Home Will Be the First in the United States to Be Sold as NFT

Propy is most known for selling TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington’s house as an NFT. The Feb. 8 auction will be hosted by Propy.

A Tampa Bay house in Gulfport will be auctioned Tuesday as the first NFT property in the United States. The Spanish-inspired Gulfport property at 6315 11th Ave. S will begin at $650,000 and will be auctioned online via Propy, a Palo Alto-based real estate technology business that will coin the property rights into a digital token.

Propy sold TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington’s Kiev flat as an NFT last year, making this Florida expansion the next step in demonstrating how NFTs may be used for real-world transactions.

Leslie Alessandra, the property’s current owner, is also a local real estate investor and the creator of Tampa Bay blockchain startup DeFi Unlimited. She said that she opted to offer the house as an NFT to demonstrate how the technology is progressing.

Put aside the deed and consider the NFT
In this situation, the NFT would serve as a representation of the property’s digital rights, comparable to the physical deed. The NFT will act as the legal LLC for recording reasons, ensuring that the Gulfport home’s property rights and ownership records are appropriately safeguarded.

“Is this a fad or does it have a practical application?” “The auction is truly intended to spark dialogue,” Alessandra told the Tampa Bay Times in an interview.

According to Alessandra, once the property rights for the Gulfport house are minted, they will be accompanied with a mural created by a local artist, which will function as an extra NFT.

Saint Pete artist Derek Donnelly will construct an inside mural on one of the property’s exposed brick walls as part of the auction, paving the way for Tampa Bay to one day immortalise comparable street art.

Naturally, any acquisition of real estate, such as a house, must be documented with the county recorders office in order to transfer ownership rights lawfully. As a result, a legal body must exist in order to transfer the property, increasing the visibility and relevance of real case studies involving the usage of NFTs.

Indeed, the legal environment is undergoing rapid evolution to accommodate Web3 and the metaverse, which include fintech such as cryptocurrencies and non-financial tokens.

“There is unquestionably something remarkable about being the first. It’s similar like owning the first computer to connect to the internet,” Alessandra said. “However, I surely hope that the owner is a proponent of blockchain and NFTs, and that it serves as a representative of the future.”

The National Federation of Teachers’ house sale auction will take place on February 8, and over 2,000 individuals have already registered.

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