The use of virtual currencies is now protected under Texas law

Legislators in Texas have voted to include cryptocurrency in the state’s Bill of Rights.

The overwhelming majority in support of the proposal may be indicative of legislators’ overall sentiment towards virtual currency. There were just two MPs who voted no, while 139 voted yes.

The legislation containing the change was presented by State Representative Giovani Capriglione and given the number HJR 146. The law guarantees the right of people to contract goods and services using any means of exchange, including virtual currencies, coins, cash, scrip, or bullion.

The banknote has a stamen with the inscription: “Money and other forms of cash may be owned and held without interference from the government.”

Freedom of speech, religion, and the press are only a few of the fundamental liberties guaranteed by the Texas Bill of Rights, which is modeled after the US Bill of Rights.

Nevertheless, the Texas Bill of Rights also contains unique articles that apply only to the state of Texas. The Texas Constitutional Enforcement group issued a statement in response to the latest development, stating that the incorporation of digital currencies into the Texas Bill of Rights is essential to the protection of Texans’ right to financial privacy.

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