The public may now access Coinbase’s mainnet named Base

Coinbase’s Base network is now available to the general public.

Over a hundred decentralised applications and service providers are now available on the Base mainnet, which was just released by Coinbase.

Coinbase’s head for protocols, Jesse Pollak, has said that users may experiment with various dapps and reap the benefits of quicker transaction speeds and reduced transaction costs in comparison to Ethereum.

Base has merged with many different kinds of crypto projects since its testnet launch in February and subsequent developer-only release in July.

Built on Optimism’s OP Stack, Base is a roll-up network with a positive outlook. The base is a scaling solution that allows transactions to be processed independently of the main Ethereum blockchain, creating a cheaper infrastructure for decentralised applications.

In addition, this Layer 2 solution is expected to become the preferred network for Coinbase’s on-chain offerings in the near future. We’re excited to share that the public may now access the Base mainnet. “At launch, the Base ecosystem will have deep integrations across the Coinbase product ecosystem and support for over a hundred different dapps and service providers,” added Pollak.

The launch of Base’s public mainnet has coincided with the beginning of an “onchain summer” event. This multi-week celebration highlights Base’s mainnet partner dapps in the digital creative industries of music, art, and gaming. Users will be able to mint a one-of-a-kind NFT called “Base, Day One” to commemorate the launch of the Base mainnet.

Over $100 million in assets have been moved to the network by developers and users in preparation for its launch.

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