The Netflix NFTs of ‘Stranger Things’ Face a Backlash from Fans

The campaign was dubbed “crap” by some, while others appreciated the NFT-awarding Candy Digital minigame.

Players of Netflix’s “Stranger Things” minigame may now win NFTs of the show’s stars by solving puzzles in a new game from Candy Digital. However, some supporters aren’t pleased.

An Ethereum layer 2 sidechains, Palm, has 11,111 distinct “Stranger Things” NFT coins that represent ownership of one of five digital posters.

Netflix hinted at the NFT cooperation in the Season 4 teaser for its popular original programme back in April.

Nearly 5,000 people took part in a mystery game that included a virtual “Stranger Things” laboratory and won a free NFT poster of Eleven, the show’s protagonist portrayed by Millie Bobbie Brown.

The minigame is back for another round this week. To get one of four free NFT posters featuring Mike Wheeler, Jonathan Byers, Will Byers, or Argyle, players must complete the “I am Hell’s Master” questions.

The announcement was met with a mixed reaction. The minigame was well-received by certain crypto aficionados and exhibition goers alike.

At least one “Stranger Things” fan reported continually getting locked out of their account while attempting to finish the challenge.

Other “Stranger Things” fans, on the other hand, were incensed when the NFT news was first posted on Twitter last week. “You really believe that we are concerned about NFTs?”

A GIF of a guy firing a gun accompanied the fan’s comment. In the words of another “Stranger Things” fan, NFT was a “grift.”

A Stranger Things fan remarked on Twitter, “I’m terribly sad that Netflix thought it’d be a good idea to pull an NFT grift on its viewers.” “I won’t be going near this garbage.”

Once again, I’m pleading with Netflix to stop producing NFTs of my favourite series. Other fans, alluding to Netflix’s earlier distribution of Ethereum NFTs for its science fiction series “Love, Death and Robots,” stated they couldn’t bear the sadness.

There were many more reactions, including the use of emojis such as “vomiting,” “crying,” “vomiting,” and even “fucking off.”

When Ubisoft and Square Enix announced their interest in Tezos NFTs and NFT gaming, there was a lot of opposition. This is nothing new in the video game business. Even independent game NFT integrations have been cancelled due to fan criticism.

For the first time, Candy’s Netflix NFTs and mini-game are a significant Hollywood collaboration. Candy has already partnered with the MLB, the WWE, and Getty Images before Netflix’s acquisition.

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