The larger Cosmos ecosystem will have access to Solana-to-Cascade migrated applications

The Cosmos-based cryptocurrency Injective and the development firm Eclipse are releasing Cascade, a setting that Solana apps can move to reach a larger crypto world.

Cascade, a Layer 2 network built on Injective, can host a Solana program. Once it’s on the Cosmos blockchain, it can communicate with other blockchains in the Cosmos network. This opens up the app’s potential user base to various blockchains and apps.

This is significant because the Solana platform relies on the computer language Rust for its application development. Therefore, Solana is primarily applicable within its environment. Cascade’s compatibility with Rust means developers can reuse the same code and reach a much larger crypto community by moving these apps over.

The Cascade rollup is Rust-friendly because it was built to be interoperable with the SeaLevel Virtual Machine (SVM). This virtual machine lets programmers launch Solana applications written in Rust on other blockchains. This collaboration bridges the gap between the two platforms, allowing Solana smart contracts to operate directly on Injective.

This infrastructure component facilitates the transfer of coins and communications between blockchains built on the Cosmos protocol.

To reduce the load on the network, Cascade will employ optimistic rollups, a scalability method commonly used by blockchain networks to combine numerous transactions into a single one. The goal of using rollups here is not to increase scale but to keep the various technological systems safely talking to one another.

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