The Foundation Institute is working with Polka Dot to help startups grow

Polkadot and the Founders Institute have announced a significant collaboration that will improve Web3 technology education.

The Polkadot ecosystem and Founder Institute have announced their relationship. As part of the Founder Institute’s Core Program, the two firms have joined forces to form the first Web 3.0 Cohort.

The two organizations have joined forces to better educate the public about Web 3.0 technologies and to give accelerator program to the creators of Web 3.0 businesses. The two organizations have joined up to help Web 3.0 company founders by giving them resources for running their businesses and connecting them with financing options.

Together, the Polkadot Foundation and Polkadot will provide an acceleration program to help Web 3.0 businesses get off the ground by matching them with experienced mentors and making use of Polkadot’s resources.

In an effort to change the game and provide startup acceleration help, Founder Institute will accept its inaugural round of entrepreneurs.

Web 3.0 company entrepreneurs, particularly those involved with Polkadot technologies, will make up the inaugural cohort. The program’s goal is to increase the number of people using Polkadot and to get development teams to use the robust Polkadot ecosystem.

The collaboration agreement specifies that May 28, 2024, will be the commencement date of the first cohort. To ease their transition into the Web3 market, the pioneer team will have direct access to Polkadot community industry specialists.

Developers, founders, and builders of Web 3.0 will find the program to be excellent. Founder Institute and Polkadot hope that by launching this program, they will help pave the way for a new wave of innovative Web 3.0 companies to revolutionize their respective fields.

According to reports, Polkadot has been preparing an MOU to help the company bring on mentors and launch a co-marketing campaign.

The Founder Institute is committed to provide online and onsite branding and will guarantee that all approved entrepreneurs in the program have access to Partner, as stated in the MOU. Offer partners the opportunity to serve as program mentors in up to two capacities.

As part of the arrangement, Polkadot will also take on certain duties. Among other possible duties, the company will suggest an ecosystem mentor and provide any promotional materials that may be required.

The Founder’s program is now unavailable to creators all around the globe, which is a real tragedy. For a complete list of cities that are eligible, please visit the Institute.

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