The Former CEO of Youtube Gaming Joins Polygon Studios

Ryan Wyatt has left Youtube Gaming and is now the CEO of Polygon Studios, a startup founded on the Polygon Ethereum sidechain.

Ryan Wyatt, the Global Managing Director of YouTube Gaming until today, announced his departure as part of a move that would take him further into the metaverse and the crypto sector.

Wyatt conveyed his happiness and gratitude to the YouTube team in an emotional departure message released through Twitter, where he emphasised his heartfelt thanks and admiration for the wonderful times. Wyatt is stepping down from YouTube to concentrate exclusively on the Polygon ecosystem.

Ryan Wyatt has been named CEO of Polygon Studios, a business devoted to the development of software solutions for Polygon.

Wyatt is a key addition to the Polygon Studios team. Between 2018 and 2020, Youtube gaming almost tripled in size under Wyatt’s guidance, transforming the video platform’s game streaming service into a profitable business branch capable of competing with other rapidly rising social networks such as Tiktok or even Facebook Gaming. Twitch, owned by Amazon, remains the market’s most popular game broadcasting site.

Wyatt was also named one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of the World’s Top Young Designers, Executives, and Players. He was also included on the 40 under 40 list a few years later and has garnered several more accolades in the video gaming industry.

Wyatt has been a long-time proponent of blockchain technology. He predicted that by 2021, the gaming industry will undergo a sea shift as a result of NFTs and other decentralised technology. Indeed, as previously reported by Cryptopotato, YouTube may be researching the benefits of deploying NFTs on its platform.

“While I will miss YouTube tremendously, the time has come for me to seek other activities in life and to see where my hobbies lead me. I am interested by the development of blockchain applications and am delighted to join the web3 sector.

At Polygon Studios, I’ll be responsible for building the developer ecosystem via funding, marketing, and developer support, as well as bridging the Web2 and Web3 divide.

Additionally, Wyatt’s role will be broader in scope than what he performed at YouTube. He said that his duties at Polygon Studios would allow him to explore growth potential in a variety of industries, including gaming, entertainment, fashion, news, and sports.

Polygon is an Ethereum scaling solution that aims to provide an infrastructure capable of supporting bigger, quicker, and more affordable transactions. It is a sidechain, or a kind of secondary blockchain, that operates alongside Ethereum but retains a connection to Ethereum through a two-way peg in which users block a set number of ETH on the Ethereum mainnet in order to utilise a comparable amount on the sidechain.

Polygon has amassed significant supporters over the years, ranging from Uniswap to the crypto-friendly Opera browser. Its growth was exponential in 2020, and despite the shocks of the 2022 bad market slump, developers continued to announce enhancements and updates.

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