The Fearless Girl monument will be used by the sculptor to inspire women in the crypto community

That’s what sculptor Kristen Visbal says would happen with the money from her Fearless Girl artwork’s sale on NFT.

For the first time, a nonfungible token (NFT) has been created for the Fearless Girl monument in New York City, which symbolises the empowerment of women, by the artist who created it.

Sculptor Kristen Visbal spoke with Cointelegraph about the meaning of her work and how she hopes to utilise it to inspire women in the crypto industry. Visbal sees the sculpture as a symbol of the struggle for gender balance and equality. She went on to say:

‘Fearless Girl’ is a legal stance for women’s empowerment, equality, equal pay, and promotion of women in leadership roles. It also stands for women’s education, workplace education to minimise bias and the overall well-being of women.'”

Fearless Girl statue’s message has found a new venue with the emergence of NFTs. This classic figure is now available in NFT form, thanks to the artist’s intention to “entice women into a place dominated by males.”

Vibal also said that money from sales of the artwork would go toward defending its original meaning. She said that the money will be used to “defend this work as a work made for the people” and that it would be put to good use in community initiatives and events.

An Arcane Research and Ernst & Young poll conducted in March indicated that the proportion of women who own crypto has quadrupled since 2021. A 3 percent ownership rate in early 2021 increased to a 6 percent rate by March 2022.

A foundation to increase the number of females working in the NFT and metaverse industries will be launched in conjunction with WOW’s World of Women initiative on March 8, 2022, International Women’s Day. For the next five years, The Sandbox has given the Wow Foundation a $25 million grant.

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