The DAO incentive growth project is funded by Uniswap

By the end of June, the project should have delivered at least three suggestions for Uniswap incentive systems.

According to a statement by the financial modeling platform Gauntlet, the Uniswap Foundation has given Gauntlet a grant to strengthen DAO incentive mechanisms using the funds from the grant.

“crypto-native financial risk management solutions provider” is how Gauntlet advertises itself on its website. According to the statement, it applies economic models in order to optimize fees and incentives for protocols related to decentralized finance (DeFi).

The firm is going to establish a new department called Gauntlet Applied Research, which will concentrate only on addressing issues that are associated with the expanding ecosystem of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs).

In the statement that it made, Gauntlet said that it would give UniswapDAO three separate pieces of research. The first component will be a quantitative framework that the DAO will be able to utilize to determine whether or not the Uniswap protocol was a success.

The second will be an examination of the behavior of traders and liquidity providers, and the third will be at least three ideas for incentive systems that will make it possible for the DAO to accomplish its objectives.

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