The Co-Founder of Ripple Explains Why He Admires Charles Hoskinson

Just after giving an interview, Ripple co-founder and executive chairman Chris Larsen explained why he respects Cardano’s innovation despite the developer’s little disagreement with the XRP community.

Charles Hoskinson was asked to comment on the most recent SEC action affecting Ripple, specific industry leaders, and the cryptocurrency business in general in his most recent address.

According to the co-founder of Cardano, certain groups, such as XRP, feel that corruption is occurring inside the commission, which is the primary reason why it is targeting Ripple. However, Hoskinson does not agree with this claim.

The primary reason the government is cracking down on digital assets is the lack of legal clarity and the SEC’s limited operating space. The co-founder of Ripple has indicated that the SEC is using regulation to put all cryptocurrencies under its jurisdiction.

Larsen later stated that he appreciated Hoskinson’s ambition to make Bitcoin a carbon-negative network by adding the proof of useful work method and that he has made a significant contribution to “greening” the business.

However, the statements of Ripple’s co-founder did not appease XRP fans, who continue to think that Hoskinson was incorrect and believed that there is a conspiracy involving Ripple, the SEC, and Cardano.

Previously, the co-founder of Cardano declared that he and the XRP community had “no beef.” On his account, he said that he had only voiced his opinion, and then a torrent of Twitter users suddenly began to attack him.

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