The China Supreme Court wants blockchain to be used by all courts

The Supreme Court of China has issued a directive to the lower levels of China’s judicial system, urging them to use blockchain technology in order to facilitate the establishment of inter-court linkages by the year 2025.

In a paper that was released on Wednesday, the Supreme Court said that blockchain technology has the potential to be used for the verification and distribution of judicial data, legal documents, and reports.

According to the information provided in the paper, the blockchain now has over 2.2 billion different court certifications.

The Supreme Court has said that the use of blockchain technology would increase the efficiency of many court procedures, including the submission of new cases, the querying and verification of information, and communication across various legal systems.

Additionally, the Supreme Court recommended the establishment of cross-chain interactions between the judicial system, law enforcement, and regulatory agencies.

In addition, the paper said that the court needs to work together with a variety of blockchain platforms in order to enhance the protection of intellectual property, the optimization of business environments, corporate bankruptcy and reorganisation, and the social credit system.

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