Switzerland allows a level of life based on bitcoin

Hundreds of shops in Lugano, Switzerland accept Bitcoin, making living on the cryptocurrency possible.

Recently, the Plan foundation announced on Twitter a new map that displays the hundreds of establishments in the city that take bitcoin. “Now you may live in Lugano with only Bitcoin!” stated the tweet. “Find all the information you need to enjoy your visit in Lugano by consulting the map of Plan merchants in Lugano.”

The plan is a municipal project developed with Tether to attract riches, intelligent minds, and opportunity. The March 2022 announcement that Lugano will make bitcoin a de facto legal tender was part of this strategy.

This was followed by the July 2022 announcement of the Plan Summer School, an educational opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about bitcoin and business. 

Recently, the Plan foundation teamed with GoCrypto to enable many retailers, including McDonald’s and different art galleries, to take bitcoin. The organization estimated at the time that it would serve over 2,500 bitcoin consumers by the end of the year.

Today, the Plan foundation verified on Twitter that tourists and residents alike may “pay with Bitcoin for food, beverages, art, fashion, jewelry, vehicles, watches, tattoos, real estate, municipal taxes, and a wide variety of other goods and services.”

As the bitcoin ecosystem expands, multiple nations will continue to compete for Bitcoin users and Bitcoin businesses. This is shown by instances such as Lugano, Madeira, Bitcoin Beach, and countless more. As bitcoin is still in its infancy, these advancements serve as a testing ground and a tool to push for more usage and enhancements.

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