Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple: ‘I Believe Bitcoin Will Reach $100,000’

Steve Wozniak, the technology magnate and co-founder of Apple, has claimed that he thinks bitcoin is on track to reach the desired $100,000 price mark.

Speaking on the ‘Steve-Wild O’s Ride!- Podcast,’Woz,’ as he wants to be known, expressed astonishment at how successful Bitcoin, and by extension, cryptocurrencies, had become, stating that they may be the future of finance.

“I’m not a mathematician; I just believe that interest in cryptocurrency is so big that I deposited a large sum of money in an online wallet account called Coinbase and it’s essentially sitting there,” he said.

Additionally, the computer software ‘geek’ said that although his original cryptocurrency purchase earned him massive profits, the more reason he feels Bitcoin’s price may inch higher.

“I wanted to explore and understand everything, but suddenly bitcoin skyrocketed in value. I became fearful and sold all of my Bitcoins save for one,” Wozniak persisted.

“My life’s objective is to have enough to explore with but not enough to profit from—and twice it’s gone much up and profited me, and only lately I believe Bitcoin will reach 100,000.”

This is not, however, the engineer’s first acquaintance with cryptography. Wozniak said in the interview that he worked with a business that pushed into crypto during the early years of the sector, even considering issuing a currency called ‘WOZX’ at one point.

His experience working with such a firm piqued his interest in digital assets, prompting him to embark on his first Bitcoin endeavour.

“I purchased a little amount of Bitcoins to demonstrate how to use this new technology. I figured out how to purchase anything online, and I succeeded.” He persisted.

Wozniak, on the other hand, denied accusations that Bitcoin constituted a significant environmental concern because to its high energy usage. To him, it was absurd to blame Bitcoin for environmental problems while the world continued to install much more destructive technologies, such as combustion engines on aircraft and cars.

He emphasised that Bitcoin was a lesser evil in comparison to other environmental risks and that the best approach to solve its carbon footprint was to minimise other activities that constituted a comparable hazard.

“The only way to overcome this climatic crisis is to drastically reduce our standard of living,” he said. “So I’m not certain that taking one little step, such as purchasing an electric vehicle or installing a solar panel, would make any difference—in fact, it may have the opposite effect.”

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