SpookySwap and Horizen EON have joined forces to advance DeFi technology

The decentralized exchange (DEX) and yield farm on the Fantom Opera network, SpookySwap, has integrated with Horizen’s EON, an EVM-compatible smart contract sidechain, as of November 7th.

This is the first time SpookySwap has deployed a DEX across several chains, and it promises to improve the Horizen EON ecosystem’s liquidity and encourage new developments in decentralized finance (DeFi).

SpookySwap, with its user-friendly interface and extensive set of functions, is a welcome addition to the Horizen EON community.

That stated, the integration seeks to facilitate easy asset exchanges, yield farming, and liquidity supply, establishing an ecosystem for DeFi users and developers.

Horizen co-founder and current CEO Rob Viglione has said: “This integration with SpookySwap is a major step forward for the Horizen EON ecosystem. Their knowledge of decentralized finance and their dedication to giving users agency are ideal fits for our goals. The value and innovation we provide to the DeFi market as a whole will be unmatched.”

SpookySwap’s cutting-edge services and active user base will be a boon to the Horizen EON ecosystem, which has just recently gone live on the mainnet with backing from many protocols and dapps.

Both platforms’ dedication to promoting decentralized finance and setting new industry standards is shown by this collaboration.

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