Someone paid almost $500,000 for the Telegram handle ‘DOGE’

Only one of the top 10 most expensive Telegram identities sold on Fragment is even remotely connected to the cryptocurrency industry; moreover, it’s one of Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk’s favourite coins: the meme token Dogecoin (DOGE).

According to statistics received on November 17, the username @doge was sold on November 9 for 350,000 Toncoin (TON), or about $546,000, making it the sixth most expensive Telegram username ever sold on the auction site Fragment since its inception.

This price is greater than those achieved by @alfa, @cash, @amazon, @adidas, @gold, @armani, @dior, and @elon, among others. The most expensive Telegram account is @auto, which was purchased for 900,000 TON, or around $1.43 million.

Abbreviation for “The Open Network” TON is a layer-1 blockchain created by Telegram and utilized for transaction fees, staking payment settlement, and governance tokens. Additionally, TON is used to purchase and trade Telegram usernames on Fragment, which was launched in late October 2022.

Intriguingly, Toncoin is one of the few cryptocurrencies now showing gains on its daily, weekly, and monthly charts despite the market-wide crisis resulting from the FTX crash.

It is presently trading at $1.70, up 1.25 percent on the day and 19.49 percent on the week, for a monthly increase of 35.84%. 

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