Solana’s crypto-enabled smartphone is competing in a crowded market

Since its debut last year, Solana’s Android phone has found its way into the hands of thousands.

Solana is trying to carve out a place in the mobile business, known for eating up and spitting out competitors. 

About a year ago, Solana announced its intention to enter the telecommunications market with a new Android phone dubbed Saga. In addition, the company unveiled the so-called Solana Mobile Stack, a collection of libraries designed to facilitate the creation of blockchain-based, mobile-first decentralized apps.

Only a few thousand people have Saga, but it’s already altering the processes of everyone from developers to venture capitalists to this very reporter.

While outwardly like any other Android phone, closer investigation shows green accent buttons and a Solana logo on the device’s rear. In addition to the branding, the essential features make this phone a valid “crypto” device.  

Emmett Hollyer, director of business operations at Solana Labs, aims to simplify web3 so that the device is accessible to “any consumer, whether they are crypto-centric, crypto-curious, or otherwise.”

According to Cameron Tynes of The Block, the device lives up to Hollyer’s claims, “Reminding this researcher that Saga is by far the most enjoyable web3 experience I have ever had, especially since it is all on mobile.”

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