Solana resumed following a seven-hour transaction rush

On Saturday, validator operators of the Solana blockchain, a proof-of-stake blockchain, conducted a cluster restart successfully, according to the blockchain’s official Twitter account. The restart came after an approximately seven-hour outage during which the network failed to achieve agreement.

It had been said in a previous Twitter tweet that “Solana Mainnet Beta lost consensus when a massive quantity of incoming transactions (4 million per second) overwhelmed the network, exceeding 100 gigabits per second.

In the end, late Saturday night, one of the validators who had been communicating with one another via the Solana discord channel delivered an email with Google Doc instructions that allowed operators to restart the cluster at slot 131973970.

A Twitter tweet from an engineer said that they were still looking into why the network had been unable to recover after being overwhelmed by the volume of transactions that led it to go down.

After being inundated with hundreds of thousands of transactions per second in September, Solana was forced to go down for 17 hours, resulting in a loss of service.

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