Solana Network Goes Down Again; DDoS Attack Could Be to Blame

Solana dubbed the “Ethereum killer,” has been shut down for the fourth time in the past 12 months, WuBlockchain reports.

According to the Solana community’s telegram group, the DDoS assault may have been the primary cause of the main network’s unavailability. Users think that spam has caused the network to become overwhelmed.

The assault was most likely initiated as a result of the network’s frequent production of empty transactions, which function as congestion material and knock the network down.

On Jan. 4, at 7 a.m. UTC+8, the network resumed normal operation. It is unknown at this time if developers have made any steps to restore the network’s transaction processing capability.

Due to the ongoing battle between “Ethereum maxis” and alternative network aficionados, community activity has exploded as users criticise network engineers for failing to maintain Solana’s steady operation.

Additional gasoline has been poured into the fire as customers recall prior network outages. Users recently encountered a problem with transaction processing. Raydium, one of the network’s largest decentralised exchanges, had difficulties building a liquidity pool that went down owing to the network’s inability to handle thousands of transactions.

While a sluggish network is inconvenient when dealing with decentralised solutions, Solana before experienced complete outages. The blockchain went down in September after exceeding 400,000 TPS. Due to excessive congestion, the network bifurcated and eventually shut down. To restart the blockchain, engineers enlisted the assistance of the validator community.

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