Solana engineers are working to fix problems in order to avoid such disruptions

The “durable nonce transaction” flaw that caused the network to go down for the seventh time this year has been fixed by Solana engineers.

The runtime problem that resulted in the most recent Solana network outage on June 1 has been addressed.

Solana’s fifth outage of 2022 was caused by a fault in the “durable nonce transactions feature,” according to a report released on June 5 by Solana Labs, and the network stopped creating blocks for around four and a half hours.

It was deactivated in v1.9.28/v1.10.23 releases to avoid the network from pausing again if the same circumstance occurred.”
In the meantime, “Durable nonce transactions will not process until the mitigation has been deployed and the functionality re-activated in a subsequent version,” they said.

Solana’s persistent nonce transactions are different from standard network transactions in that they are not meant to expire after a short period of time (about 2 minutes) before a block hash becomes invalid.

According to Solana Documentation, it is often used to support transactions involving services like custodial services, which need longer time than normal “to provide a signature for the transaction.”

Even though a “mechanism to prevent double processing and are handled serially” is required for “durable nonce transactions,” a runtime fault occurred when one of these transactions failed and was submitted again and brought down the whole network.

In order to avoid the nonce being used again, the user resubmitted the identical transaction for processing.” The problem was reactivated during runtime as a result of this resubmission,” the p report states.

Since the mainnet failure on June 1, the price of Solana’s native asset SOL has fallen around 13.9 percent to $39.08 at the time of writing. CoinGecko data shows that 24-hour trading volume has surged by 61% to $2.141 billion in the same time period, indicating a spike in investor interest.

The seven-day rolling average of total value transferred on-chain (successfully) has declined dramatically since late March, according to data from Solana-focused analytics company Hello Moon. Since peaking at $3.18 trillion on March 24, the value has fallen to roughly $159.71 billion as of June 4.

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