Slovenia is the world’s most crypto-friendly country 

Since 72 establishments and 33 sports venues accept digital assets for payment, Slovenia has been dubbed the “most crypto-friendly” nation.

Based on the findings of a study undertaken by the aviation business Fast Private Jet, Slovenia is the world’s most crypto-friendly nation. Its capital, Ljubljana, is also Europe’s most hospitable location for digital asset enterprises, according to the city’s own website.

Global research conducted by Fast Private Jet, an Italy-based private jet company, aims to find out which nations have more locations that accept cryptocurrency payments. The Czech Republic was the runner-up, followed closely by Slovenia in Central Europe. The top six were completed by Argentina, Japan, Spain, and Colombia.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are accepted at 72 businesses and 33 sporting venues in Slovenia. Ljubljana, the capital, is also Europe’s most crypto-friendly location. Bitcoin City is the biggest retail mall in the city, with over 137 shops, 584 places that accept digital asset payments, and a total of 584 locations.

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, is the second-most crypto-friendly European city after Sofia, the capital city of Bulgaria. Paralelni Polis, a bitcoin-only coffee shop, is one of the city’s top crypto attractions.

Spanish capital Madrid is the third most inviting city to crypto in Europe, while Malta was put at the bottom.

The research by Fast Private Jet also included the United States. It turned out that the places that take cryptocurrency as a payment option are New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

As could be expected, China is one of the world’s least crypto-friendly nations. The local authorities banned any digital asset ventures in China last year.

Additionally, countries with anti-industry policies were grouped with China. These include the Middle Eastern nations of Oman, Egypt, Algeria, Qatar, Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, and Bangladesh.

A recent Coincub study predicted that Germany will be the most crypto-friendly country in the first quarter of 2022, followed by Singapore and the United States. Unlike Fast Private Jet’s analysis, the company took into account aspects such as cryptocurrency regulations in various countries, the number of fraud instances, and the availability of digital asset courses. It was a significant difference.

This isn’t the first time that the country of Central Europe has appeared in research of this kind. Crypto Head, a digital asset platform, ranked Slovenia as the 7th most “crypto-ready” nation last year, with a rating of 5.96.

The organisation used a variety of parameters, including the number of ATMs and the amount of crypto Google searches per 100,000 persons, to do the analysis.

Considering the number of crypto Automated Teller Machines in the United States, it was no surprise that the country ranked #1. Cyprus, a Mediterranean island in the Aegean Sea, came in second place.

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