Self-proclaimed Bitcoin founder called XRP devotees a “cultist army” and Ripple a fake

Craig Wright, a computer scientist and self-proclaimed founder of Bitcoin (BTC), has continued to criticize the Ripple ecosystem and its supporters.

Specifically, Wright has referred to XRP supporters as a ‘cultist army,’ stating that the community is aware that the coin would become a pyramid scheme at a time when Ripple is in a legal conflict with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Wright made a comment indicating that XRP enthusiasts actively watch a dispute between his company Tulip Trading and sixteen developers. The developers are accused of having “fiduciary responsibilities” and “duties in tort” to rewrite or modify protocol code in order to provide Wright access to 111,000 Bitcoin.

In light of what he calls a “fraudulent plan,” Wright said he expects all XRP to be destroyed. Moreover, Wright questioned the validity of the Ripple initiative as the platform prepares to facilitate international transactions.

Wright also referred to XRP as a “terrible joke” and said that the asset should not be recognized as a cryptocurrency but rather as a fraud. Notably, he has engaged in several Twitter disputes with the Ripple community, during which he has questioned the feasibility of XRP.

The self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto described XRP as a “useless pump and dump scam.” As the crypto world awaits the conclusion of the Ripple and SEC lawsuit, mention of Ripple is prevalent. Both sides have submitted their last arguments, and legal experts are providing a summary of the case. For instance, legal professor J.W. Verret said that the SEC treated Ripple as if it were a Ponzi scheme.

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