Scammers get into Aptos Foundation’s Twitter account and use it to promote a fake airdrop

Scammers recently gained control of the official Aptos Foundation Twitter account.

Aptos Labs sent a warning tweet claiming that hackers had compromised the @Aptos_Network Twitter account and were using it to propagate false information regarding an APT airdrop.

Scammers sent a tweet saying Aptos was releasing free tokens as part of a Season 2 airdrop and referring visitors to a phoney website that asked them to link their cryptocurrency wallets.

Aptos Labs, the business behind the Aptos Network, responded to the incident by confirming the theft of the Aptos Network’s Twitter account.

As if that weren’t bad enough, it seems that the Twitter account of Mo Shaikh, CEO of Aptos, was also targeted.

Although it is presently unknown how many individuals were scammed or how much money was stolen, it looks that Aptos Network’s account has been reclaimed.

The hacking of the Aptos Foundation’s Twitter account to spread the word about a false airdrop fraud demonstrates the need for vigilance for crypto investors. It’s common knowledge that hackers often target the Twitter accounts of crypto projects and celebrities in an effort to scam their fans. People’s FOMO (fear of missing out) on free coins, airdrops, and NFTs is being used by scammers.

OpenAI’s CTO, Mira Murati, had her Twitter account hacked last month to advertise a scam $OPENAI coin airdrop. The Aptos Foundation seems to be next in line.

Investors are preparing for the July 12 release of 4.54 million APT tokens, since the Aptos Network is programmed to unlock fresh tokens on the 12th of each month. The entire worth of the unlock is $32.62 million at today’s APT market price of $7.18.

It is currently unknown how this will affect the value of APT since prices have fluctuated both before and after such token unlocking in the past.

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