Saylor argues Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is the most essential innovation presently

Michael Saylor said that MicroStrategy is developing an in-house Lightning Network solution that would enrol more than 10 million users.

Michael Saylor, a Bitcoin maximalist, argues that Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is the most significant technological advancement occurring now.

Saylor made the remark during his presentation at a bitcoin-only conference, where he also revealed that Microstrategy is in the first stages of constructing its Lightning network infrastructure.

He suggested that Lightning would let BTC grow for billions of clients at a fraction of the cost and enable developers to create highly scalable dApps.

Saylor said that MicroStrategy’s foray into the development of Lightning infrastructure would contribute to the adoption of Bitcoin by over 10 million clients. He thinks that the system would enable companies to “roll out Lightning to 100,000 employees each day.”

Saylor decided to stand down as CEO of MicroStrategy and assume the newly established position of Executive Chairman in order to concentrate more on bitcoin-related efforts.

Saylor, a passionate Bitcoin maximalist, has lately criticized everything other than Bitcoin. He suggested that altcoins are unregistered securities that should be regulated in order to prevent them from dragging down the price of Bitcoin.

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