Samsung Collaborates with Veritree, a Cardano-based cryptocurrency, to Combat Climate Change

Samsung has expanded its climate preservation efforts via a partnership with a Cardano-powered blockchain platform.

Samsung – one of the world’s largest technology firms and a smartphone powerhouse – has partnered with Veritree to counteract the negative consequences of climate change.

Samsung Electronics America, according to an official blog post, is introducing a new initiative to promote a healthy environment and world.

By the conclusion of Q1 2022, the firm plans to organise the growth and protection of over two million trees on Madagascar’s territory.

The programme will be conducted in collaboration with Veritree, a platform devoted to blockchain-based climate solutions.

Samsung’s Mark Newton said on the subject, “Investing in technological advances, such as those that enhance efficiency and reduce waste, in conjunction with natural solutions, is critical in the battle against climate change.”

Veritree is a platform that delivers nature-based solutions via the use of blockchain technology and on-the-ground data collection.

The project makes extensive use of the Cardano blockchain. This was also said by Sidney Vollmer, the Cardano Foundation’s Head of Brand & Communications.

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