Ripple Is Communicating With Over Twenty Central Banks About CBDCs, Executive Says

In a recent interview, Ripple’s senior vice president of customer success and managing director of APAC and MENA, Brooks Entwistle, discussed the company’s activities and aspirations in the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) market, disclosing intriguing facts.

The executive noted that connection with global regulators is “useful.” In contrast to the United States, authorities in Singapore, Tokyo, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom encourage interaction and engage in roundtable conversations.

As predicted by Bitcoinist, CBDCs will be a primary priority for Ripple in 2023, and Entwistle confirmed this by presenting his business as a solution provider to whom central banks and authorities may turn. There are over 200 nations in the world. 

Although certain nations, like China’s digital yuan, are well developed, there are several developing markets that are smaller, have fewer resources, and face other problems where Ripple may play a significant role. Entwistle stated in this context that the fintech is already in communication with more than 20 central banks:

“On this topic, we are conversing with not ten, not twenty, but a great deal more central banks from throughout the planet.”

The Ripple CEO provided as examples the well-known initiatives with Bhutan and Palau. Addressing regulatory hurdles in the United States, Entwistle said that this is why Ripple is concentrating on the overseas market, where it employed the majority of its 300 new workers last year.

“The majority of our business is now conducted outside the United States,” Entwistle added, adding that Ripple is making tremendous headway in crypto-friendly states. Hence, real-time interaction with regulators is crucial, he added.

In order to take an assertive stance, Ripple has been increasing its policy team over the last year. It means, to your point about not just publishing white papers or reacting very quietly in the background, we need to be hosting events, doing customer conferences, and being on standby for when someone calls and says, “Hey, we could use an explanation about CBDCs or something similar.”

When asked about the intense rivalry in the cross-border payments market, the senior vice president of Ripple said that cross-border value transfer is one of the “last big unresolved financial challenges or mysteries in the world.” To resolve this, a worldwide network is required.

Ripple’s RippleNet can offer this service. Entwistle said that the technology is currently present in over seventy nations.

“A 70-country network with hundreds of participants cannot be established overnight. Certainly, there are several excellent ideas along specific routes and inside particular locations. […] We provide a comprehensive worldwide solution […] So we simply need to keep going hard and keep adding fantastic individuals.”

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