Ripple Announces Successful Closing of XRP Ledger XLS-30 AMM Testing

After extensive performance testing, the AMM protocol is now being deployed to the mainnet on XRP Ledger.

XLS-30, a highly awaited improvement to the XRP Ledger protocol that would provide basic DeFi functionality to XRP holders, has completed stress testing and is nearly ready for mainnet activation, as revealed by RippleX.

The XLS-30 update to the XRP Ledger protocol has passed through extensive performance testing. The upgrade is complete, allowing XRPL to natively support core DeFi features including cross-asset swapping, liquidity provisioning, and trading. The RippleX team made the announcement on their official X account at 12:00 PM UTC on October 7, 2023.

In terms of raw technical importance, XLS-30 is the most important component of the forthcoming rippled 1.12.0 update. The XRP Ledger community should expect this to be a huge step forward in terms of technology.

The update will also offer many new transaction types that will work in tandem with the payments engine. According to the Ripple team, CertiK, the industry-leading blockchain security organization, conducted rigorous third-party examinations of the proposal in July 2023.

U.Today reports that the XLS-30 and XLS-39 Clawback enhancements were included into the projected release’s code base in early September 2023.

Over the course of the last year, Ripple’s engineers have investigated the XRP Ledger mainnet’s compatibility and performance with regards to adopting such changes.

The RippleX team has been actively evaluating the main XRP Ledger’s performance for well over a year to compliment a secure codebase. To guarantee the fitness of XRPL Mainnet, a methodical approach has been used to evaluate the ledger’s and consensus’ performance and latency.

This means the blockchain has begun the voting process to determine whether or not the proposed modifications to the XRP Ledger should be activated on the mainnet.

The new rippled 1.12.0 update will be launched if the ratio of 28/35 active nodes supporting the upgrade is reached and maintained for two weeks.

In addition, the audit for Evernode has been successfully concluded, and the L2 scaling platform built atop XRP Ledger is nearing its public mainnet deployment.

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