Pro-Crypto Member of the European Parliament Arrested on Corruption Charges in Belgium

A pro-cryptocurrency member of the European Parliament was allegedly detained in Belgium on corruption charges.

According to a recent report by the Belgian newspaper Le Soir, the Greek Social Democrat and Vice President of the European Union (EU), Eva Kaili, was detained together with three other officials for allegedly conspiring with Qatar, the current host of the FIFA World Cup.

According to the article, EU anti-corruption investigators obtained evidence that a Gulf country was reportedly seeking to influence the EU’s politics and economy by providing bribes of money and presents to important officials. Although Qatar was not directly mentioned, Le Soir’s sources point to the nation.

According to Politico, which obtained a copy of the arrest order, Kaili is accused of “politically interfering with European Parliament members on behalf of Qatar and Morocco.” According to reports, the congressman also met with Qatar’s labour minister in early November.

Previously, in an interview with Real Vision Media, Kaili lauded blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens, stating that she has attempted to establish laws to investigate and examine the possibilities of NFTs.

“Two days ago, I tried once again to persuade my committee to present an old initiative legislation report since I don’t foresee it coming any time soon and I believe it would be quite good and vital to clear the air and ensure that we understand Europe’s perspective.

Thus, I requested a dossier on NFTs and an analysis of the market’s dynamics and prospects… I can think of a number of issues that [NFTs] can address… You can eliminate middlemen, assert IP [intellectual property] rights instantly online, and utilise it for authentication, verification, and essentially for trust and transparency.”

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