President of Ripple Displays Confidence in SEC Lawsuit Outcome and Emphasizes Global Expansion

Ripple President Monica Long recently talked with CNBC International TV at Paris Blockchain Week 2023 about the current SEC case, the company’s worldwide development, and the expansion of its payment network Thursday.

Long expressed confidence over the outcome of the litigation, arguing that the facts and the law support Ripple’s position. She also highlighted the disparity between the European approach to crypto legislation and the American effort to build a coherent regulatory framework.

Europe has been lauded for establishing clear laws and fostering an atmosphere conducive to the success of both crypto and conventional financial institutions. As an example of practical cooperation, she referenced MiCA, a unified regulatory framework formed by 27 European nations. In contrast, she highlighted the United States’ obstacles in establishing a coherent regulatory framework.

Ripple’s London center serves as the company’s primary focus for growth as the company’s worldwide footprint continues to expand. Long said that 75% of payment flows for Ripple’s main product occurred outside the United States during the previous quarter. The organization is recruiting via its London headquarters and developing its European payment network.

Long remarked on the company’s good performance in the first quarter, citing its continuous expansion and growing client interest.

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