PortAventura Amusement Park in Spain to Accept Bitcoin Payments

PortAventura World, Todos Medical, and Monneo are among the most recent businesses to express an interest in accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

PortAventura World, a Spanish entertainment and leisure park, would be the first in its field to provide bitcoin payments to its customers. The effort would begin the following season and initially allow for cryptocurrency settlements at the resort’s hotels. Additionally, Todos Medical, a medical diagnostics, and solutions company has joined the bitcoin bandwagon by allowing consumers to pay for wellness products using digital assets.

PortAventura Ventures Into Cryptocurrency

According to a press statement, the popular theme and leisure park PortAventura World is creating software that will enable it to offer its customers a new cryptocurrency alternative. Beginning in early 2022, guests staying at the resort’s hotels will be able to pay for their accommodations with bitcoin as well.

PortAventura World’s Managing Director, David Garca Blancas, stated that the company is committed to staying current with emerging trends and the growing need for cryptocurrency solutions. As such, he expressed optimism that the project will “satisfy the guests’ needs.”

PortAventura is one of Europe’s major entertainment destinations, located in Catalonia, Spain. Apart from its attractions, which include an aqua park and a “Ferrari Land,” the resort also features six hotels totaling 2,300 rooms. Individuals eager to pay in BTC could do so at the receptions.

While PortAventura would be the first theme park to embrace digital asset payments, its hotels would not be the first. As CryptoPotato previously revealed in July, the Pavilions Hotels & Resorts also offered consumers this option.

Apart from bitcoin, the company, which has offices in exotic locations such as Bali, the Himalayas, Thailand, and Mongolia, has added over 40 additional cryptocurrencies, including ether.

Todos Medical Capitalized On The Cryptocurrency Wave

Another example of recent bitcoin acceptance is Todos Medical’s decision to accept cryptocurrency payments for its Tollovid® and Tollovid DailyTM dietary supplements. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Dogecoin were all included in the sale (DOGE).

Todos Medical noted that individuals can acquire health items via the firm’s website by selecting Coinbase Commerce as their payment method during the checkout process. Gerald E. Commissiong, the company’s President and CEO, commented on the initiative: “Being able to accept popular cryptocurrencies is critical as we expand our marketing efforts for our innovative 3CL protease inhibitor health products.”

Monneo Has Joined Forces with Coinbase to Expand Its Cryptocurrency Offerings

Monneo, a provider of virtual IBAN accounts situated in the United Kingdom, has also recently joined the recent bitcoin adoption list. By partnering with trading platform Coinbase, it enabled clients to pay invoices in a variety of digital assets. Two of Monneo’s partner banks endorsed the service due to its B2B invoice settlement capabilities. Lili Metodieva, the company’s managing director, revealed that she is a proponent of the cryptocurrency industry:

Whatever one’s perspective on cryptocurrency, it is here to stay. Many people see both the value of it and enjoy using it. We believe that by working with Coinbase, Monneo is offering its customers the highest standards in the cryptocurrency market.

She noted, however, that the company would constantly monitor the new opportunity’s implementation to ensure that it is “safe and trustworthy for both payers and payees.”

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