Polygon technology will replace Optimism as Manta Pacific’s zkEVM Layer 2 platform

Blockchain, Level 2 As part of the modular Manta Network, Manta Pacific is switching from a Caldera-modified version of Optimism’s OP Stack to Polygon’s Chain Development Kit in order to become a zkEVM validium.

According to p0x labs, the company responsible for developing the Manta Network, “Polygon CDK establishes standards in Layer 2 design and execution that, long-term, OP Stack cannot meet.”

After adopting a customized version of Optimism’s OP Stack by Caldera, Manta Pacific, a Layer 2 blockchain for zero-knowledge-enabled applications inside the modular Manta Network, has decided to switch to Polygon’s Chain Development Kit.

Only recently month did Manta Pacific announce its mainnet alpha launch, but the Layer 2 is already undergoing the migration to zkEVM validium.

The move to zkEVM is required for Manta Pacific to maintain its leading position in the industry, according to Manta Network co-founder Victor Ji. “Polygon’s CDK allows us to transition quickly and easily using an established, robust system for deploying zkEVMs.”

According to p0x labs, switching to the Polygon CDK will allow for quicker finality, better security, and more widespread integration with Ethereum.

ZK proofs depend on mathematical proofs rather than socio-economic incentives to guarantee the finality of a transaction in seconds or minutes, rather than days as is the case with other systems.

The Polygon CDK’s customizability and flexibility are a good fit for Manta Pacific’s ZK dapp ecosystem’s need for a modular and sovereign framework.

Finally, the Manta Pacific team announced that thanks to a trustless ZK bridge to Ethereum, atomic Layer 2-to-Layer 2 transactions are available on Manta Pacific, and the platform’s dapps have access to more liquidity choices.

Polygon’s co-founder Sandeep Nailwal once quipped, “ZK knows ZK.” To join the growing Polygon ZK-powered Layer 2 ecosystem, Manta Pacific stands out as a special location for ZK-focused decentralized applications. There is no denying the network effect, which means more people will have easier access to a shared blockchain.

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