Polygon Receives a Significant Boost as Flipkart Reveals Layer 2 Strategies

Flipkart has announced that it will be using the Polygon CDK to establish an Ethereum Layer 2 chain.

As Polygon CEO Sandeep Nailwal previously assured, the community’s enthusiasm over the last several weeks would continue unabated. The creator of Polygon had hinted at three big announcements for December 2023, and now one of them has been revealed.

With the announcement of its intention to join Polygon’s expanding network of Layer 2 chains, leading Indian e-commerce company Flipkart hopes to bring millions of users to the ecosystem and Web3.

Flipkart and Polygon Labs announced the introduction of Firedrops, a Web3 loyalty program, in June 2023. The online retail behemoth is planning to use Polygon’s Layer 2 construction technology to grow after this program’s success.

On Thursday, December 7, Polygon Connect India and Polygon Labs revealed that Flipkart would use its Chain Development Kit to establish a zero-knowledge-powered Ethereum Layer 2 chain that is devoted to Firedrops.

According to Polygon Labs, the loyalty program has garnered more than 3.3 million wallets and switching to a Layer 2 chain will guarantee that it keeps growing. Additionally, the company said that the CDK will allow Flipkart to provide a better customized experience for its consumers.

The Polygon ecosystem is another potential beneficiary of the collaboration. By using Polygon’s CDK to build a Layer 2 chain, the millions of Flipkart customers taking part in the Firedrops program may also tap into the larger Polygon and Ethereum ecosystems, aligning with the 2.0 roadmap’s aim of unified liquidity. Therefore, with Flipkart’s entrance, the whole Polygon ecosystem stands to gain.

Using the Polygon CDK, Flipkart is now one of several companies and initiatives developing Layer 2 chains driven by ZK. Canto, OKX, Astar, and Manta Network are all on this list. The creators claim that there are even more well-known names.

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