Polygon Launches Supernets to Promote Web3 and Polygon

“Supernets” is the scalable blockchain architecture Polygon is releasing in an effort to bring Web3 and Polygon into the mainstream, days after teasing the release.

The Ethereum mainnet and other Supernets are linked because they may exchange value and messages. Prior to certifying a Supernet, MATIC tokens will be staked on the mainnet by the network’s validaters.

As of May 2021, Polygon Edge, a Layer 2 blockchain scaling solution, was being developed to become the doorway to multi-chain Ethereum. From sovereign EVM chains to full-fledged Layer 2 implementations, Polygon Edge has a broad choice of specialised chains to choose from. More than 20 projects have already made use of Polygon Edge.

In order to promote Web3 adoption to the masses, Polygon views the notion of Supernets as an important step. Multiple public networks (like PoS or Hermez) and an infinite number of supernets are part of Polygon’s multi-chain system in this vision. All public networks and supernets may simply link to each other to exchange value and information.

Polygon said it will invest $100 million in the development and adoption of Supernets in order to bring this goal to fruition. Liquidity mining, development and research contracts, and grants will all benefit from the monies.

The co-founder of Polygon, Mihailo Bjelic, says that in order for web3 to be widely adopted, it must be able to abstract the intricacies of blockchain development while also offering scale and customisation. It’s all possible thanks to Polygon Supernets, which allow any project to get started on their blockchain goals quickly and join the Polygon multi-chain ecosystem.

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