Polygon Labs suggests upgrading flagship sidechain to “zkEVM validium”

The technical team at Polygon Labs has suggested transforming the Polygon PoS sidechain into a Layer 2-only network protected by Ethereum called zkEVM Validium.

The proposed update is meant to bring the present Polygon PoS chain in line with the goals of Polygon 2.0, a planned update to the protocol that will use a special kind of zero-knowledge scaling technology called validium.

The goal of this proposal, dubbed “Polygon 2.0,” is to employ Polygon’s internal zkEVM to improve the sidechain’s security and speed while keeping the fees at a minimum. The current zkEVM was implemented by the team in March of 2023; therefore, this would be a new system.

The differences between the planned and current zkEVM technologies were explained by Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwal.

Polygon Labs has said that it plans to integrate the current zkEVM with the enhanced Polygon PoS. The update may be deployed to the mainnet by the end of 2024 if approved.

Polygon is one of the most actively traded blockchains in the cryptocurrency industry, with over $2 billion in assets stored directly on the network.

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