Plaid stops FTX.US access to customer data after “troubling” reports

United-States-based Twitter users have reported fraudulent data access requests to their bank accounts from FTX.US.

The financial technology supplier that permits FTX.US customers to connect their bank accounts to the FTX app has halted FTX.US’s access to its products, citing “concerning public claims” of fraudulent conduct.

Plaid is a fintech firm that promotes communication between financial services applications and the banks and credit card companies of consumers.

In the instance of FTX.US, its solutions enable clients to link their bank accounts to the FTX app. FTX.US would thereafter be able to request payments to be handled using the ACH network.

In a previous Tweet, Plaid cited “concerning public reports” as the reason for the suspension, but emphasized that “there is presently no sign that Plaid has been exploited as a channel for fraudulent conduct.”

Twitter users started claiming on November 12 that FTX.US had tried to access their accounts using Plaid. So far, only reports indicate that user data has been accessed; no reports indicate that any monies have been withdrawn.

Users have advised others to immediately change their bank account passwords and remove their Plaid access credentials.

In a frequently asked questions section, Plaid also stated that some of these access requests may be part of Plaid’s routine automatic financial information checks.

In addition, it has reaffirmed that since limiting access, FTX has been unable to recover any information from Plaid accounts.

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