Parler Is Attempting to Attract Crypto Users to Its New Marketplace—With Trump NFT

Parler, which bills itself as a “free speech” alternative to Twitter, is eyeing NFTs as a way to expand its reach and attract new users.

Parler, the social media site, today announced the opening of DeepRedSky, its new Solana NFT marketplace. The first collection dubbed the “Official CryptoTrump Club,” is devoted to the 45th President.

Each CryptoTRUMP, according to DeepRedSky, is unique, including photos of former President Donald Trump in a variety of locations. 250 of the 10,000 NFTs in the collection are classified as highly uncommon NFTs.

According to Christina Cravens, Chief Marketing Officer of DeepRedSky, there are certain synergies between the decentralised environment, free speech, and the concept of less big tech: “Therefore, whether you are a conservative or a liberal, we want a more inclusive discourse. And this assists us in doing so.”

Sam Lipoff, CTO of Parler, noted that the platform would offer a diverse spectrum of NFTs in the coming months, and although Parler is glad to host political dialogue, the platform’s staff is looking to grow beyond politics.

“To be really candid, I would argue that the Parler site is quite political these days. And, you know, if that is the case, it is OK “As Lipoff said. “However, I believe that over the next several months, you’ll see a diversity of NFTs, both political and non-partisan, which we hope will help diversify the audience a little bit.”

However, beginning with a divisive person like as Donald Trump is a high-risk strategy, particularly with crypto audiences. In a 2021 interview, Trump said that he had an unfavourable opinion of cryptocurrencies, stating, “Bitcoin seems to be a hoax. I dislike it because it is a competitive currency with the dollar.” In the closing days of his presidency, the administration attempted to slam through Treasury regulations on cryptocurrency wallets, purportedly at the president’s direction. That said, during his brief tenure as Acting Comptroller of the Currency, Brian Brooks—a former Coinbase executive—implemented crypto-friendly banking laws.

By permitting verified non-fungible token accounts, several online platforms, such as Twitter and membership service OnlyFans, have incorporated non-fungible tokens into the user experience. However, Parler CTO Sam Lipoff tells Decrypt DeepRedSky that following the leader is not the case.

“Let me state unequivocally that we are not attempting to replicate Twitter in any manner,” Lipoff states. For starters, the marketplace is not yet integrated with Parler; it is only “powered” by it.

“Part of our offer to artists is that we are a free speech platform that will not demonetize or terminate your account if you say anything that contradicts conventional wisdom,” Lipoff explains. “We also aim to give more creative capabilities to enable producers to reach new audiences and monetise their work.”

DeepRedSky is Parler’s second Solana NFT project, the previous one starring former First Lady of the United States Melania Trump.

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