Paris Hilton Creates Her Own Malibu Virtual Mansion in the Sandbox

Paris Hilton is going online forever. The Sandbox announced its partnership with the fashion star to construct her Malibu mansion yesterday.

A division of Animoca Brands, The Sandbox is a decentralised gaming virtual environment. In collaboration with Paris Hilton’s firm, 11:11 Media, the Sandbox will become the new location of her virtual house. The Sandbox has over 40 million worldwide installations on mobile phones.

Hilton said, “I am ecstatic to extend Paris World into the metaverse.” Together with my excellent partner, The Sandbox, my team is committed to creating an unforgettable real-life experience for my followers.”

Paris Hilton, the first crypto queen

Hilton, who describes herself as an entrepreneur, DJ, and original crypto queen, is expanding her Web3 presence. Hilton is an early Web3 adopter. With Animoca, she created a collection of digital wearables in 2015. She was also responsible for the creation of Paris World on Roblox.

The participation of Hilton in the Sandbox allows fans to experience all things Paris. In her virtual Malibu house, she will host events such as rooftop parties for her community. In addition, players will be invited to a Halloween celebration.

According to Hilton’s public relations staff, she is a longstanding crypto phile, an admirer of digital art, a passionate NFT collector, and a metaverse icon. Her integrated media and production firm, 11:11 Media, is a multibillion-dollar organisation with verticals spanning TV (Slivington Manor Entertainment), podcasts (London Audio), internet (11:11 Digital), licencing, NFTs, music, and more.”

Sebastien Borget is The Sandbox’s co-founder. “We are delighted to welcome Paris Hilton, the queen of the metaverse. The Sandbox is a creative area that enables anybody to bring their vision to reality, and Paris Hilton is constructing a beautiful dream realm with virtual parties and a variety of entertainment attractions from her universe.”

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