Over $41 million in unusual crypto outflows recorded by the gambling platform Stake

Unusual withdrawals from the betting site Stake were spotted by on-chain researchers. Over $41 million has apparently left Ethereum, Polygon, and BNB Chain.

According to on-chain specialists, what looks to be a big security problem occurred when a huge sum of money was transferred out of the cryptocurrency-based sports betting platform Stake in a series of suspicious transactions.

There were two distinct periods of discharge. Initially, Cyvers data suggested that $15.7 million was removed from the site. $9.8 million in ether and $5.9 million in stablecoins were included in this total.

ZachXBT data later showed that another $25.6 million left wallets associated with Stake across two more blockchain networks: $17.8 million on BNB Chain and $7.8 million on Polygon. More than $41 million has apparently been moved between different crypto addresses on the three chains as a result of these transactions. The results of ZachXBT were verified by another security company, Beosin.

Experts believe that a security vulnerability impacting wallet addresses on the site is the root cause of these out-of-the-ordinary dealings.

There has been no formal announcement from Stake, which takes wagers on athletic events and also provides casino services. It has been reported that the site is now not accepting any new deposits or processing any new withdrawals. A message left for Stake was not immediately returned.

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