OpenSea intends to index automatically Solana NFTs

OpenSea has announced that it would automatically index NFT collections made on the Solana blockchain, making it simpler for Solana-centric artists to list on the platform.

According to OpenSea, developers of Solana-focused NFTs will no longer need to apply to have their collections indexed, since they will be indexed automatically based on a few parameters. First, NFT collections built using launchpads such as CandyMachine, Magic Eden, and LaunchMyNFT will be automatically indexed.

Second, authors who do not utilise launchpads may anticipate their NFTs to be automatically supported on OpenSea’s market provided the collection meets the “Metaplex Certified Collection” coding standard. According to OpenSea, this open standard intends to make it simpler to determine if certain NFTs belong to a particular collection.

OpenSea said in its statement, “This is another step on the path towards an open ecosystem where you may work on your project and launch it without permission or control.”

OpenSea’s auto-indexing capability coincides with an increase in NFT activity on Solana, which the company hopes to benefit from. According to statistics from The Block, NFT mints on Solana have increased by about 500% year-to-date, from 23,000 daily mints to around 113,0000 mints as of September 23.

OpenSea leads the niche of NFTs on Ethereum, while it remains a minor participant on Solana. The Block’s data indicates that markets such as Magic Eden, Yawww, and Solanart dominate Solana’s volume of NFT trading.

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