OpenAI receives data collection warning from Japanese authorities

OpenAI was advised by Japan’s privacy authority not to acquire sensitive data without authorization.

After being alerted by the country’s local privacy agency about ChatGPT’s data harvesting tactics, Japanese officials have begun tightening their attitude towards artificial intelligence (AI).

OpenAI was asked by Japan’s Personal Information Protection Commission to reduce the amount of sensitive data it gathers for machine learning on June 2. It also emphasises the need of asking permission before doing so.

The commission also stressed the need of striking a balance between protecting individuals’ privacy and enabling the development of new ideas and the realisation of AI’s potential advantages.

However, it did issue a warning that it is prepared to take extra measures if problems persist. These comments follow the Japanese government’s May 26 submission of a draft from its AI policy committee, which expressed worry about the absence of laws for AI and the threats it presents to society.

Takashi Kii, a legislator in Japan, has pledged to join the call for copyright holders to be protected against AI algorithm infringement.

Following a review of its security standards by Italian authorities in March, ChatGPT was temporarily prohibited in the country. As a result, authorities all around the globe expressed concern, and numerous nations launched investigations into the technology.

At the time, Japanese authorities expressed their approval of OpenAI. Even Japan’s top government official, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno, has declared that the country is considering using AI technology.

However, Matsuno noted that addressing privacy and security concerns was essential before AI integration could occur.

A study conducted on April 30 found that 69.4 percent of Japanese respondents favoured more stringent laws regarding the creation of artificial intelligence. According to recent statistics from Simliarweb, Japan ranks third in terms of overall interest in OpenAI.

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