One of the World’s Most Luxurious Gyms Is Now Accepting Crypto

According to a recent story in The New York Post, premium gym Equinox is getting ready to accept bitcoin payments after working with prominent cryptocurrency payment processor BitPay.

Many cryptocurrencies have yet to be officially recognised. In the next hours, Equinox will make a public statement.

The Upper West Side of Manhattan is where the American premium exercise firm was formed 30 years ago.

In addition to its expensive costs, Equinox is well-known for its contentious and provocative advertising efforts, which try to emphasise luxury and extravagance. A nearly-naked male model is draped in $100 notes in one of its most recognisable posters, photographed by famed photographer Stephen Klein.

A few of Equinox’s most notable members are journalists Anderson Cooper and Shawn Mendes. Additionally, the gym’s reputation is bolstered by regular mentions of it by well-known individuals.

Customers may pay as much as $500 a month to use its premium services, such as vacant locker rooms and temperature-controlled full-body showers. VIP guests might also have their shoes polished as an additional perk.

New York Times claimed that Equinox has pushed trainers to work extended hours and sleep in staff locker rooms in 2019, causing considerable criticism for the organisation.

According to, there are currently a number of gyms in Georgia, New Jersey, and other states that take cryptocurrency for payment.

As far as adopting cryptocurrency is concerned, Equinox is not the first premium company to do so. Affluent customers want to pay with digital assets, therefore high-profile corporations are enabling them to do so.

There is a rising desire for cryptocurrency payments, according to German fashion designer Philipp Plein, the creator and CEO of the iconic fashion business of the same name.

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