Offchain Labs introduces a tool for constructing Layer 3 ‘Orbit’ chains on Arbitrum

Offchain Labs has launched a platform for developers to build on top of Arbitrum’s Layer 2 chains to construct individualised chains.

The creators of the Arbitrum Layer 2 project, Offchain Labs, have made specialised ‘tooling’ available to let programmers create their Layer 3 blockchains based on the Orbit platform.

Orbit enables programmers to build a separate, isolated chain that ultimately settles on one of the two Layer 2 (L2) chains offered by Arbitrum (Arbitrum One and Arbitrum Nova).

According to the company, Orbit chains would allow developers to set their own rules for governance protocols, data protection, access control, and fee tokenomics.

Along with the new tools, Offchain Labs has released a development environment called Orbit Devnet, where smart contracts and apps may be tested and debugged before being sent to the mainnet in the form of Orbit chains.

On top of Ethereum, Offchain runs two Layer 2 blockchains. Arbitrum One is the first; it uses Optimistic Rollups to make Ethereum applications more scalable. Ethereum’s security is strengthened by the Layer 2 network, which records the mainnet’s state and aggregates transactions on a separate layer before publishing security proofs back on the mainnet.

The other is Arbitrum Nova, which runs on the AnyTrust protocol. Nova stores raw transaction data and scales applications via an off-chain data availability layer. Its security strategy is significantly more flexible than One, allowing developers to optimise for lower rates and cheaper storage.

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