Nvidia’s $3 Trillion Market Cap Sparks AI Token Drop

On Monday, Nvidia’s market capitalization exceeded $3 billion as a result of the 10-to-1 division.
NVDA stock went up to $120 per share, doing five times better than Apple Inc.’s AAPL.

Nvidia Inc. has surpassed Apple in terms of market valuation, crossing the $3 trillion mark. In the classic case of “buy the rumor, sell the news,” the price of AI tokens is falling while trading volume shoots up by 10%.

Data reveals that during the recent trading session, Nvidia, a chip-making behemoth, was one of the most highly traded equities, second only to GameStop’s GME, and its market valuation reached $3 trillion. The chipmaker’s 10:1 split made it easier and cheaper for workers and regular investors to buy NVDA shares, and this follows suit.

“NVIDIA breaks the $3 TRILLION market value and is now worth $102 million for every employee,” said crypto watchdog Radar.

In comparison to Apple Inc. (AAPL) shares, NVDA stock is now five times more valuable, according to data. Shares of NVDA jumped to $120 soon after the split, but have since fallen to $102.

On June 3, Nvidia Corp. recorded a volume of up to $45.94 billion, surpassing the Russell 2000 Index by a range of $10 billion. Despite new limits imposed by the US Department of Commerce on shipping AI chips to many Middle Eastern nations, this still happens. Concerns about the possible resale of high-performance chips to China are the primary motivation for these security measures.

The notice from the Commerce Department adds that when it comes to the most sophisticated technology, the government reviews licensing applications from those who want to export them globally with great care.

After a slowness in licensing caused chipmakers AMD and Nvidia to struggle to secure permissions for exporting AI accelerators, NVDA shares took a hit in late May as a result of this situation. The general public had been speculating, prior to this announcement, that AI and Big Data-related cryptocurrency tokens would surge, particularly if NVDA did better than AAPL. This anticipation was born out of the fact that AI tokens have historically had a favorable relationship with the stock price and previous occurrences concerning the GPU behemoth.

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