North Korean hackers attack cryptocurrency by impersonating government officials and news outlets

Hackers from North Korea have been imitating South Korean government entities and media in an effort to steal cryptocurrency from unsuspecting victims.

According to reports, hackers from North Korea are posing as South Korean government institutions and media in an effort to steal cryptocurrencies.

According to a report from South Korea’s National authorities Agency, “the police suspect the illegal cyber activity was aimed at stealing cryptocurrency.”

Between March and October, about 19 people were the targets of cyberattacks from North Korea, according to a new research. Their plan was to take cryptocurrencies while pretending to be journalists and government officials.

The criminals gained access to the bitcoin trading accounts of 19 people by stealing their login credentials and profiles. Moreover, they used the over 147 proxy servers that they had taken control of to run cryptocurrency mining programs.

During this time, less than a year ago, hackers used malicious software to steal cryptocurrency, which caused people to worry about the possibility of losing important possessions.

They distributed ransomware last year and stole virtual assets. Consequently, victims were forced to part with their money and possessions in order to get them back, according to the investigation.

In addition, the Korea Internet & Security Agency and the police worked together to shut down 42 phishing websites operated by North Korean hackers. This was done to prevent more victims from falling for the scam.

The police will also share the hackers’ server IP addresses with government intelligence and cyber specialists.

The article went on to say that North Korean hackers had pretended to be government officials in the past in order to steal money.

North Korean hackers have been on the increase, according to a new investigation. Claims were made by blockchain investigator ZachXBT on August 1st about the infamous Lazarus Group, which is funded by the North Korean government. Using three separate blockchain networks, he said, they moved over $8.5 million.

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