Nike Is Prepared To Become A Part Of The Metaverse Movement

Nike is now assessing its choices as it considers the possibility of creating virtual materials with its trademark logos and slogans.

Nike, the American maker of footwear, accessories, clothing, and equipment, is now assessing its choices as it considers the possibility of creating virtual materials using its signature emblem and tagline — Just Do It.

According to paperwork filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on Wednesday, Nike has applied for trademarks for the brand name “Nike,” the swoosh design, and the “just do it” motto, all of which it plans to use in the online virtual world dubbed the metaverse.

Nike did not stop there; the next day, Nike submitted two further trademark applications for the “Air Jordan” and “Jumpman” emblems.

The papers, together with two recent job advertisements seeking virtual material designers, indicate that Nike is ready to launch Nike-branded items in the metaverse. Nike’s entrance into the metaverse seems to be following Facebook’s rebranding announcement.

However, although the garment maker seems to be moving at the same speed as Facebook with its metaverse ambitions, it has previously ventured into nonfungible tokens NFTs, and other crypto-related enterprises. For example, in 2019, the business patented a mechanism for tokenizing their CryptoKicks sneakers on the Ethereum blockchain.

Meanwhile, the corporation faces significant competition in the metaverse. After funding $8 million in May from Andreessen Horowitz and others, shoe manufacturer RTFKT Studios has launched both real and virtual footwear.

Meanwhile, Nike’s tangible items are apparently experiencing significant delivery difficulties. These challenges include a lack of employees, a paucity of shipping containers, and pandemic-related limitations, among others. However, its virtual solutions are unlikely to be impacted by global supply chain disruptions.

Although. Nike manufactures the majority of its physical footwear in Indonesia and Vietnam, while virtual items may be entirely manufactured in the company’s Oregon headquarters.

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