Millions of People Can Now Use Mastercard As A Payment Method For Bitcoin, Ether, XRP, And Cardano

Mastercard and the major cryptocurrency exchange Binance will create a crypto payments card for users in partnership.

Mastercard, like the vast majority of other payment firms, has a growing interest in crypto assets. The pace of bitcoin adoption has surged lately despite the Crypto Winter. Mastercard’s latest action is anticipated to considerably increase the adoption rate.

Forbes, a prominent media outlet, reported the news on Thursday. The cooperation between the two companies will produce a bitcoin payments card that supports fourteen cryptocurrencies. These assets include, among others, USDT, BNB, BTC, BNB, ETH, ADA, and XRP.

The card will be connected to user accounts on Binance. Consequently, when customers use the card, payments are deducted from their Binance cryptocurrency holdings. Consumers may use the card on all of the over 90 million websites that accept the Mastercard brand.

At the point of sale, consumers’ chosen digital assets will be converted to fiat cash when they make purchases. Mastercard and Binance have said that they would test the card in Argentina before launching it in other countries. Mastercard’s chief executive officer, Michael Miebach, said, “We can unleash the full potential of blockchain technology by making it simpler to access and utilize.”

Mastercard’s participation in the bitcoin business predates this most recent development. In conjunction with Mastercard, digital asset exchange Gemini debuted a cryptocurrency credit card in April. Gemini guaranteed variable payback payments on the card based on the sort of transactions made in the U.S.

Several cryptocurrency exchanges have also developed crypto cards in collaboration with Mastercard’s rival, Visa. Coinbase’s VISA card,’s VISA card, and Binance’s VISA card are among them. The majority of these cards provide cashback benefits on all transactions.

Ripio, a cryptocurrency startup based in Latin America, has just begun issuing crypto payment cards in cooperation with Visa. A few days ago, rollouts of the card supporting 28 digital assets on the Ripio platform started in Brazil. In the first fiscal quarter of 2022, Visa recorded $2.5 billion in payments made using crypto-linked cards.

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